Have you ever wanted to get away from an ordinary day and go somewhere really special? A place where you could set your mind at ease and relax? A place where you could enjoy sunrises and sunsets and take in nature’s infinite energy as it surrounds you and spreads out before you in verdant colors? Returning back to nature is just a short trip away at the TSURURUN SPA & INN where we welcome you with O-mo-te-na-shi (Japanese hospitality) and all the comforts of a Japanese inn, plus the serenity of an adjacent lake which quiets your soul throughout the day, welcoming you each morning with a comforting reminder that you’re away from it all.

Settled in the middle of a quiet country town called Namegata, and surrounded by meadows, farmland, rolling hills and a beautiful lake, rests TSURURUN SPA & INN.

Recognized as a power spot in recent years, the inn offers a destination for travelers who wish to have a more beautiful, healthy skin complexion by just relaxing in its treasured natural spa known for its amazing skin beautifying and rehabilitative qualities. The inn also offers an environment that eases the soul serving an exquisite cuisine of locally grown food—everything to help our guests feel and look beautiful.

A new page in life shared with family, or that special someone, or just by one’s self, out in a natural setting where time seems to slow down and stop—stopping to allow any of the four distinct seasons to be thoroughly enjoyed—could become quite a happy, memorable moment in your story to becoming healthier and more beautiful. TSURURUN would love to be part of that moment.

As mentioned before, O-mo-te-na-shi, or Japanese hospitality, is at the heart of TSURURUN’s staff and service.

Guest Room

Serenity, serenity, serenity… Imagine on any given peaceful day, a fisherman here, a fisherman there, dotting the banks of a lake, almost motionless as part of a picturesque canvas of blue sky and blue water, where a variety of birds make their home around, along and even on the lake. From time to time, paracyclists hand-pedal around the contorting roads that curve alongside the lake attesting to the serenity of the location and the safeness of the roads. A soft little breeze gently curls back your hair as the light reflecting off the waters makes you squint, and for no particular reason, a smile appears on your face. “Ah, this is the life,” comes from your lips.These are the kinds of moments we would like to share with you in a Japanese country setting not given over to rapid change and a hustling bustling world.

We offer two types of *accommodations for our guests: a room that is welcomed each morning with an incredible view of the lake, and a room that overlooks the meadows and farmlands with a beautiful sunset at evening.

*Please note that some of our rooms may not have a private toilet or bath.
*We are sorry, but there is NO SMOKING in any of our guest rooms. However, we do provide a special space for smokers.
CHECK-IN is from 4 pm, and CHECK-OUT is by 10 am.


Our Japanese cuisine, using seasonal ingredients marked with genuine freshness, are prepared each day as a delectable culinary sensation for our health conscious guests and to the discriminating palate. Fresh seafood and catches from the river, famous products of Ibaraki and other prefectures such as succulent fruits just ripe for the eating, local koshihikari or premium rice cooked to a perfect texture, and locally grown agricultural products robust in flavor blessed by a region with well-irrigated farmlands are selected from and prepared by our chef to make your stay even more memorable.

Hot Spring

The greatest treasure of TSURURUN is its spa. Known for its effectiveness on neuralgia, muscle aches, pains in the joints, stiff shoulders, bruises, sprains, poor digestion, poor blood circulation, fatigue and other ailments, this amber-colored mineral spring, which flows from a source directly underneath the establishment, is recognized by the JAPAN SPA ASSOCIATION for its excellent qualities. Used in its original unrefined state with properties of alkalinity and H 2SiO 3, this mineral spring abounds with qualities to heal, rejuvenate, and beautify. Women will be happy to learn that the properties in this spa are perfect for skin cleansing and making their skin feel like—well—touching the skin of a baby—soft and smooth.


Address Kitaurahouraionsen Tsururunnoyuyado Kitaurakohanso 3969 Yamada Namegata-shi Ibaraki-ken 311-1704
Phone 0291-35-0123
Web site (in Japanese) http://www.kitaura-houraionsen.com
Check in 4pm
Check out 10am
Credit Card VISA or Master Card


Please make all of your reservations through RAKUTEN TRAVEL or JARAN. Please keep in mind that we do not offer accommodations to walk-in customers. Reservations are required.

RAKUTEN TRAVEL ⇒ Reservation now ! JARAN ⇒ Reservation now !

touring spots

Here are a few of the many places you can visit while enjoying your time with us. Some are just a 15-minute drive away.

KANKO HOBIKIBUNE Enjoy sightseeing in old Japanese sailboats.
ASOHAN KAROYASHIKI KINENKAN Slip back in time when you visit a memorialized ancient house of the Aso Clan.
OTAKE KAIGAN HOKOTA KAISUI YOKUJO Take a dip in the Pacific at a swimming area off Hokota City’s Okate beach.
AIYU SHUZO Have a visit at the Aiyu Brewing company.
KASHIMA JINGU See one of Ibaraki prefecture’s most famous shrines.
KASHIMA SOCCER STADIUM See a game at the home of the Kashima Antlers—the several-time national champions (check for times).
IBARAKI AIRPORT Enjoy watching jet fighters and commercial planes land and take off from Ibaraki’s own airport.
OARAI SUN BEACH KAISUI YOKUJO (OARAI COAST) Have fun at Oarai beach, one of the most popular beaches around—especially during summer.
AQUAWORLD-OARAI FUN, FUN, FUN awaits you at the Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium—a place for all ages.

golf courses

For golfers, there are many golf courses to choose from. Here are a couple.



If you’re coming to TSURURUN SPA & INN
by car, it’s a 50-minute drive from the Joban Highway Tsuchiura Kita Interchange, or a 25-minute drive from the Higashi Kanto Highway Itako Interchange.
by train on the Oarai Kashima Line to Shin Hokota Station, it’s a 15-minute taxi ride from the station.
by highway bus, take the bus at Tokyo Station’s Yaesu Minamiguchi for Hokota Station - Yamada Bashi bus stop. Its a 5-minute walk from the bus stop.
from Ibaraki Airport, it’s a 35-minute taxi ride.

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